Niger Delta group puts oil firms, others on notice as protest holds Dec. 8

The Niger Delta Congress has put oil companies, banks and other businesses on notice as it announced that it will begin region-wide protests on December 8.

The NDC said it held last Friday an emergency national executive council meeting in Port Harcourt, the political capital of the Niger Delta region, to discuss critical issues of national importance, most especially the current economic hardship devastating the region with no respite in sight. 

It said the meeting took into consideration the “numerous unheeded calls of the NDC to the Nigerian government for the restructuring of the Nigerian federation to allow for political autonomy and the control of a larger percentage of Niger Delta resources by the region so as to meet the economic needs of our people and to fast track the development of our land, and the comprehensive audit and cleanup of the Niger Delta environment for the decades of devastation due to the exploration of crude oil and natural gas which continues to lead to the untimely deaths of our people”.

The group said it was agreed that the Niger Delta peoples have been left with limited options to bring about the necessary change to ameliorate “our present socioeconomic, sociopolitical and environmental realities”. 

It said: “Cognisant of these facts, the NEC has therefore decided to call for region-wide protests to commence on Friday, 8th December 2023. 

“All local and international oil companies, banks and financial institutions, institutions of learning, markets, and other public and private enterprises except essential and emergency services are by this statement put on notice to organise their working schedule for Friday, 8th December, to accommodate and give the necessary cooperation and support towards the peoples movement.”

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