FMDQ Exchange admits Parthian Partners’ N20bn commercial paper

FMDQ Securities Exchange Limited has announced the registration of the Parthian Partners Limited N20.00 billion Commercial Paper Programme to its platform.

The Exchange, in a statement on Tuesday, said the Nigerian debt capital market had continued to witness significant activity among corporates seeking a viable avenue to raise capital to meet their financing needs.

It said the registration of Parthian Partners’ CP programme strategically positioned the company to raise short-term finance from the DCM with speed at a time in the future when it determines suitable, through CP issues within the CP Programme limit.

The FMDQ Exchange said in support of the growth and revitalisation of the Nigerian economy, it championed the resuscitation of the CP market to provide corporate and commercial businesses with the opportunity to meet their short-term funding requirements, while building their profiles within the DCM market.

“In addition to its commendable and efficient registration process, FMDQ Exchange, through its Quotation Service, will provide stakeholders and market participants with credible and real-time information as part of the Exchange’s commitment to facilitate transparency in the fixed income market space,” it added.

According to the statement, Parthian Partners provides competitive wholesale brokerage services in the African OTC markets, and trades in Federal Government of Nigeria bonds and Treasury bills, state government bonds, local contractor bonds, corporate bonds and Eurobonds.

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